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Do you know who the shortest UFC fighter to ever win a title is? If not, let us introduce you to Mighty Mouse. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at his career and other short fighters who have made an impact in the octagon. As a sports enthusiast, this is one article that you shouldn’t miss.

Who Is Mighty Mouse?

Mighty Mouse, also known as Demetrious Johnson, is a former UFC fighter who made history as the shortest fighter to ever win a title. He fought in the flyweight and bantamweight divisions. He was famous for his quick movements and strategic fighting style. Johnson held the flyweight championship title for six years before transferring to ONE Championship. His legacy as one of the greatest fighters of all time continues to inspire up-and-coming fighters like T.J Dillashaw and Fredy Serrano.

Introduction To The Shortest UFC Fighter

Shortest UFC Fighter

The UFC, or Ultimate Fighting Championship, is a popular mixed martial arts competition that features fighters from all over the world. In this sport, fighters are divided into weight classes according to their body size and weight. Height can be an important factor in fighting because it affects reach and leverage during attacks.

Demetrious Johnson, at 5’3″, holds the record for being the shortest fighter to ever win a UFC title.

One notable short fighter in the UFC is Demetrious Johnson, who at 5’3″ became the shortest fighter to ever win a title. He fought in both bantamweight and flyweight divisions throughout his career. He was poular for his incredible speed and technical skills. Other notable short fighters include T.J. Dillashaw (5’6″) and Fredy Serrano (5’4″), who have also achieved success in their respective weight classes.

Mighty Mouse’s Fighting Style

What makes Mighty Mouse’s style unique? It’s his speed and agility that set him apart from other fighters. Being the shortest male UFC fighter at 5’3″, Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson has learned to use his size to his advantage by using lightning-fast movements and quick reflexes.

How does his size affect his fighting approach? Mighty Mouse often relies on footwork, constantly moving around the octagon to evade attacks while looking for openings to strike back. He uses a lot of low kicks and body shots, which can be difficult for taller opponents to defend against.

What techniques and strategies has he used to succeed? Mighty Mouse is famous for mixing things up in the ring, with a range of striking techniques such as knees, elbows, punches, and kicks. He’s also an excellent grappler with solid takedowns and submissions in his arsenal. Some of the notable victories in Mighty Mouse’s career include wins over bantamweight champions TJ Dillashaw and Cody Garbrandt, as well as flyweight fighters like Fredy Serrano.

Mighty Mouse’s Title Wins

Mighty Mouse, also known as Demetrious Johnson, was a dominant force in the UFC’s flyweight division. Despite being one of the smallest fighters in the promotion, he won his first title on September 22nd, 2012. In that fight, Mighty Mouse went up against Joseph Benavidez and emerged victorious by split decision.

Demetrious Johnson

Throughout his career, Mighty Mouse would go on to defend his title successfully eleven times – more than any other fighter in UFC history. He faced tough competition from top-tier opponents such as TJ Dillashaw and Fredy Serrano before ultimately losing the belt to Henry Cejudo. Nonetheless, Mighty Mouse will always be remembered for his incredible speed and skill inside the octagon. He earned multiple championship titles throughout his impressive career.

Mighty Mouse’s Legacy

Mighty Mouse, also known as Demetrious Johnson, has left an indelible mark on the sport of MMA. As a flyweight and bantamweight fighter, he holds multiple records and was the first-ever UFC Flyweight Champion. His impressive technique and precision in the octagon have earned him a spot among the greatest fighters of all time.

Demetrious Johnson

Future fighters can learn invaluable lessons from Mighty Mouse’s fighting style. He is famous for his quickness and agility, which he uses to evade attacks while landing powerful strikes. His dedication to fitness and training is evident in his performances inside the cage. Fighters like TJ Dillashaw and Fredy Serrano have praised Mighty Mouse’s skills, solidifying his legacy as one of MMA’s most influential icons.

Other Short UFC Fighters

Despite their height disadvantage, many short UFC fighters have made a name for themselves in the sport. One of the most successful is Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, who was only 5’3″ but held the UFC Flyweight Championship title for over six years.

Another notable short fighter is Manny Gamburyan, who stands at just 5’5″. Although he never won a championship title, Gamburyan had an impressive career with wins against tough opponents like Nate Diaz and Mike Brown. These fighters prove that size doesn’t always matter in the octagon and that skill and strategy can prevail regardless of height.

Demetrious Johnson vs. Henry Cejudo

Henry Cejudo

Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson and Henry Cejudo faced off at UFC 197 in April 2016, with Johnson defending his flyweight title for the eighth time.

Background and history of Demetrious Johnson:

  • Known for being the shortest UFC fighter to win a title at only 5’3″
  • Held the record for most consecutive title defenses in UFC history (11)
  • Dominant striking ability and quick footwork made him a formidable opponent

Background and history of Henry Cejudo:

  • Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling
  • Made his MMA debut in March 2013
  • Known for his powerful takedowns and strong grappling skills

Overview of their fight:

The bout between Mighty Mouse and Cejudo was a highly anticipated matchup with both fighters bringing unique skillsets to the Octagon. Despite an early scare from one of Cejudo’s takedown attempts, Johnson managed to take control of the fight using his superior striking ability. The match ultimately ended when Mighty Mouse landed a devastating knee that led to a TKO victory over Cejudo, solidifying his status as one of the greatest flyweights in UFC history.

Overall, this matchup showcased two incredible athletes who brought their A-game to compete on one of MMA’s biggest stages.

Manny Gamburyan

Manny Gamburyan

Manny Gamburyan is a former UFC fighter known for his incredible fighting style and speed. As one of the shortest fighters to ever compete in the UFC, he was able to use his size to his advantage and defeat much larger opponents.

During his career highlights, Gamburyan faced off against some of the biggest names in MMA, including Nate Diaz and Rob Emerson. He also competed on “The Ultimate Fighter” reality show where he made it all the way to the finals before losing due to injury.

Gamburyan’s fighting style was based on quick movements combined with powerful strikes that caught many opponents off guard. He utilized wrestling techniques that allowed him to take down even larger fighters while maintaining control during grappling exchanges. Overall, Manny Gamburyan will always be remembered as a fierce competitor who defied expectations despite being one of the smallest fighters in UFC history.

In the world of mixed martial arts, size doesn’t always matter. Fighters like Mighty Mouse and Manny Gamburyan have proved that time and time again by using their speed and skill to take down larger opponents. Mighty Mouse may be the shortest UFC fighter to ever win a title, but his record-breaking consecutive title defenses and impressive striking ability prove that he is a force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile, Manny Gamburyan’s quick movements and powerful strikes have earned him a place in UFC history as a fierce competitor who never let his size hold him back. These fighters serve as inspiration for sports enthusiasts everywhere, proving that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible in the Octagon.

Who Is The lightest UFC fighter?

When it comes to the UFC, fighters come in all shapes and sizes. From towering heavyweights to speedy flyweights, there’s no shortage of diversity in the octagon. But if you’re wondering who the lightest UFC fighter is, look no further than the flyweight division.

As of 2023, the current lightest UFC fighter is none other than Brazilian fighter, Bruno Silva. Weighing in at just 125 lbs, Silva is a force to be reckoned with in the flyweight division.

But don’t let his size fool you – Silva is a skilled fighter with an impressive record. With a professional record of 11 wins and 5 losses, he’s proven that he can hold his own against larger opponents.

Of course, weight isn’t the only thing that matters in the UFC. Technique, speed, and agility are all crucial factors that can lead to victory in the octagon. But it’s always interesting to see how fighters of different sizes match up against each other.

So there you have it – Bruno Silva is the lightest UFC fighter currently on the roster. But as we know in the world of MMA, anything can happen in the octagon. Who knows – maybe we’ll see a new record set by an even lighter fighter in the years to come. Only time will tell!


Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson proves that size isn’t everything in the UFC. Despite being the shortest fighter to ever win a title, he dominated his weight class with his speed, agility, and technique. His legacy as one of the greatest pound-for-pound fighters of all time goes to show that determination and skill can trump physical attributes.

In summary, while height may be an advantage in combat sports like basketball or volleyball, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success in mixed martial arts. Mighty Mouse’s career serves as an inspiration for aspiring fighters who may not fit the traditional mold of a UFC athlete. It’s not about how tall you are; it’s about how hard you’re willing to work and how much heart you bring into the octagon.

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