And the Lord said “God bless the Passport Bros, for they have avoided thy feminist American woman and achieved nirvana with foreign women, restoring the natural balance between feminine and masculine and leaving thy independent American woman in the dust. Amen.

-Revelations 3 Chapter 69

Passport Bros meaning, according to the Urban Dictionary “Passport Bros” are described as men who understand that western women have drunk the cool aid pass the point of no return, and got their passports to enjoy happiness and peace with fit, friendly, foreign women.

In this article we will cover the pros and cons of international dating and the Passport Bros meaning and take a glimpse inside the reality of what a Passport Bro may face as he decides to walk this path of international dating. This Passport Bro Movement has definitely been gaining traction to say the least. Here on our Passport bro website, we will have everything you need to know about the Passport Bro Movement.


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Passport Bros Meaning: Understanding the Shift in American Men’s Dating Preferences

Passport Bros

Due to an increase in American males resorting to international dating in recent years, the dating scene has significantly changed. Many men are looking for alternatives to American women and have began investigating the prospects of romance and connection with women from other cultures, driven by rising unhappiness with the dating landscape in the US. This is where the idea of the “Passport Bro” comes from.

This phenomenon or Passport Bro Movement has queries and conversations about the nature of international dating, why men allure to women from different cultures, and the implications for American relationships in the future.

In this blog post, we will explore the phenomenon/Passport Bro Movement of international dating and the shift away from American women by American men. We will look at what is causing this pattern, why American men or Passport Bros are fascinated with feminine, submissive women from other cultures, and the advantages and drawbacks of international dating. Finally, we will discuss whether or not relationships with women from other countries can result in happy marriages and provide helpful recommendations for meeting and dating international women. So listen up all you Passport Bros, we got some gems for you.

Why American Men Are No Longer Interested In American Women

Undoubtedly, the dating environment in America has gotten more difficult recently. Many American males are finding it difficult to connect with American women on deep cultural standards and changing ideas towards gender roles. Furthermore, the Feminists believe that American women should be more focused on achieving personal independence and successful jobs, which can make them less open to traditional courtship and romantic methods.

With that being said, it’s easy to understand why American men want feminine and submissive women for various cultural, economic, and historical reasons. For instance, many men who are attracted to these traits in women may belong to those societies that place a strong emphasis on traditional female roles, which has led them to look for mates who share these ideals.

Also, American males can now meet and connect with women from various cultures who might have different expectations and standards around relationships and gender roles because of the increasingly global character of our society. Some also claim that it is just a matter of personal preference and that everyone has the right to find partners who share their values and priorities. While some may see the desire for feminine and submissive women as a reflection of archaic and patriarchal mindsets, others contend that it is simply a matter of personal preference.

Regardless of the fact, Lenny Kravitz said it best years ago when he made the song, “American Women” in which he implores the American woman to stay away from him, let him be, and let him be free. You can see for yourself here in the music video if you have not saw it for yourself. Click here to see the lyrics of the song.

“American woman
Stay away from me
American woman
Mama, let me be”

“American Woman” song by Lenny Kravitz

The Appeal Of Feminine And Submissive Women: Passport Bros Meaning

One of the critical traits that American men may look for in a partner is submissiveness or cooperation. It can be seen as a positive quality in a relationship, as it allows for a sense of harmony and cooperation. However, it is essential to note that proper submission should come from a place of respect and love rather than fear or a desire to please the partner.

In addition to submissiveness, American men or Passport Bros show attraction to women who exhibit traditionally feminine traits. It can include nurturing, empathy, and a willingness to cooperate and respect their partner.

The video below from a Muslim woman who encourages wives to obey their husbands as the will of God/Allah said it best when she talked about how to respect your husband. She talks about how love is not enough to keep your husband and to always respect your husband. The mentality she presents surprises me to say the least, because the Westernized American would be offended to hear such cooperation being encouraged in regard to respecting your husband.

“Your husband is the most deserving of respect than anyone else”

Why Are American Men Looking Beyond Their Borders For Love And Companionship?

It is important to understand why American men or Passport Bros are looking beyond their borders to find feminine and submissive women. Here are some reasons why perhaps those men may find foreign women alluring:

Traditional Gender Roles

The notion of a more traditional gender role in a relationship may entice certain American males or Passport Bros. They might seek women who will play a more traditionally feminine role in the relationship and who are more submissive and subservient. American men or Passport Bros may perceive American women as being excessively concerned about their jobs and independence and less interested in traditional gender roles like being a homemaker or taking care of the family. These Passport Bros look for women with more conventional ideas about gender roles in different cultures. With this in mind, these men are more interested in finding women who fit their ideas toward gender expectations. This is very appealing to certain males who believe that American culture is undermining these traditional feminine roles.

In the video below, this Latina woman describes how the American culture can change a woman’s ideals and negatively affect how she treats her husband. She says it’s better to meet foreign women and leave them in their country because when you bring them to America the “independent woman” mentality will influence them to change their priority in relationship.

“As soon as you bring the girl here, it’s a wrap. She’s gone”


Rule #1 don’t bring foreign women back to the States or they will be tainted. Keep them in their country 💯 #PassportBros #ZoomToThailand #PassportPlayboys #ExpatDating #InternationalDating #DatingTipsForMen

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Emotional Stability

Some American men or Passport Bros might be looking for a mate who is less demanding and more emotionally mature than they think American women are. They might discover that a more submissive spouse is less inclined to test them or cause conflict, which can result in a more stable and peaceful relationship. This is very attractive to Passport Brosmeaning because respect and peace are number #1 in a relationship.

Physical Attraction

American men or Passport Bros may prefer women with physical traits different from the American woman. For example, women in Thailand have long, black silky hair. Women in Colombian take pride in their physical appearance and make great efforts to go to they gym, get plastic surgery, botox etc. Or lastly, African women who have natural beauty, luscious lips, and beautiful smiles. As such, Passport Bros can view these physical characteristics as complementing the feminine and submissive nature, in which is highly preferred.

Colombian Women

Passport Bros Meaning
Medellin (Paisa)
more photos
Calena Colombian Woman
Cali (Calena)
more photos
Palenqueras Colombian Women
Cartagena (Palenqueras)
more photos

Brazilian Women

Paulistas Sao Paulo Brazilian Woman.  Passport bros meaning
Sao Paulo (Paulistas)
more photos
Cariocas Rio De Janeiro Brazilian Women
Rio de Janeiro (Cariocas)
more photos
Brasileira woman.  Passport bros meaning
Brasilia (Brasileira)
more photos

Primary Reasons: Passport Bros meaning

1. Feminism

Since feminism has resulted in many positive developments, some males believe American women have gone too far in their independence and aggression. Because of this, some men might look for women from different cultures who adhere to more conventional ideas about sex roles and societal conventions.

2. Cultural Differences

The appeal to feminine and submissive women may stem from cultural differences for some American men or Passport Bros. Women from other countries may possess more stereotypically feminine traits and may view relationships and gender roles differently, which may be more in line with some American men’s tastes.

3. Online Dating

It is now simpler for American men or Passport Bros to meet women from foreign countries because of the growth of online dating apps such as Tinder, ColombianCupid, etc. Men now have more options for finding mates from cultures that they may find more intriguing and that they normally would not have access too. All they have to do is open up an app on their cellphone, change their “location” to say Brazil, and start swiping right! It’s that easy.

4. Dating Culture

In recent years, casual hookups and non-committal relationships have become more prevalent in American dating culture. Some guys might go for women from other cultures with standard dating and relationship values. Women who, in certain parts of Asian for example, who do not believe in divorce so they are more prone to make the relationship work. Or other countries in China where is normally for women in their twenties to still be virgins. These things are also appealing to the Passport Bros as they know these women are more of a “prize” if you will, because they have had sexual intercourse with very few men, if any.

5. Travel

Visiting other countries and encountering diverse cultures can be enlightening and transformative. While traveling, American males or Passport Bros could meet women and find them more interesting than American women because of the cultural differences in food, music, dance, etc. The women in Colombia, for example, love to dance salsa or bachata, which are both sensual and erotic dances. This makes the Colombian woman more attractive because the Passport Bro wants to learn to dance salsa and this makes the relationship exciting, new, and something to look forward too.

What Is Bachata Dancing?

6. Immigration

American men may come into contact with foreign-born women who have more conservative attitudes and views. These women can be more alluring for males looking for partners with more traditional ideas of masculinity, femininity, and filial piety.

Secondary Reasons: Passport Bros Meaning

1. Language and Communication

Because of language issues, some non-native men might look for women outside of America. Dating women who are linguistically or culturally compatible with them may make men feel like the woman is more exciting. It’s great to hear someone with a French accent, or Brazilian accent speaking for example. This gives the foreign woman more sex appeal and appear attractive because of the way she speaks. Now the relationship becomes more appealing because the woman appears exotic.

2. Preferences and Compatibility

Men may eventually look for American women to replace them purely out of incompatibility. Everyone has varied preferences. Therefore what suits one individual cannot suit another.

3. Education

American males might look for alternatives to American women for various reasons, including their education levels and intellectual aptitude. Some males could believe that women from other nations possess higher levels of education and share their philosophical ideals.

 4. Family Values

Family beliefs and customs may also influence why American males look for alternatives to American women. Guys could look for ladies from foreign cultures that prioritize spending time with loved ones and appreciate family.

 5. Shared Interests

To establish a successful relationship, having similar interests and pastimes is helpful. Guys could look for foreign ladies who share their passions and attractions to keep a solid connection and enduring relationship.

 6. Diversity

Finally, some American men may be curious about dating women from other cultures to broaden their horizons and discover new ideas and lifestyles.

Success Stories: International Relationships and Marriages: Passport Bros Meaning

Passport Bros

There are countless examples of successful international relationships and marriages. Here are just a few that demonstrate the power of love and the ability to build a fulfilling life with someone from a different culture or background.

  • Michelle and Barack Obama

A former US president, Obama has married Michelle Obama since 1992. Barack was born in Indonesia and later resided in Hawaii and New York, while Michelle was born and raised in Chicago. Although coming from diverse origins, they have a strong partnership that has survived the difficulties of political life and a shared dedication to public service.

  • 2. Amal and George Clooney

Amal Clooney is a well-known human rights attorney born in Lebanon and raised in the UK. George Clooney is a famous American actor and director, and Amal Clooney is a human rights attorney born in Lebanon and reared in the UK. The couple wed the following year after meeting in Italy in 2013. Since then, they have welcomed two children and continued advancing their professional and charitable endeavors.

The most successful testimonials of international relationship

  • Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams

Serena Williams, a professional tennis player, was born and reared in the United States; on the other side Ohanian, a co-founder of Reddit, was born in Brooklyn to an Armenian father and a German mother. In 2015, the pair met in Italy and later hitched. They have a single child and are ned to advancing each other’s jobs and passions.

  • Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

In contrast to Nick Jonas, an American singer, songwriter, and actor, Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was born in India. The pair wed in India the following year after becoming friends through mutual acquaintances. They are still pursuing their careers and have it clear that they are committed to helping each other succeed.

  • Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

John Legend is a singer, songwriter, and actor from the United States, and Chrissy Teigen is a model and television personality born in Thailand and raised in the country. The couple wed in 2013 after meeting on one of John’s music videos in 2007. They share two kids and are renowned for their solid relationship and dedication.

Benefits of International Dating: Passport Bros Meaning

It is necessary to remember that international dating has its difficulties, such as communication difficulties caused by language hurdles, cultural differences, and practical problems caused by distance and travel. However, international dating may be a fulfilling and enriching method to develop genuine relationships with people worldwide for those who are open to the experience. Many advantages of international dating include the following:

1. Exposure to diverse cultures and perspectives

You can ultimately discover another country’s culture, traditions, and way of life when you date someone from that nation. It can help you gain a broader perspective and better understand the world.

2. Language learning

An excellent method to develop your language skills is to date someone multilingual. With your speaking and listening, you and your partner might even get the chance to visit their home country and fully immerse themselves in the language.

3. Enhanced understanding and empathy

You can increase your compassion for others who may have had different life experiences from dating someone from a foreign nation. You may become more welcoming and empathetic as a result.

4. Excitement and adventure

It can be exciting and adventurous to date someone from a different nation. You can see new places, sample fresh foods, and engage in novel experiences.

5. Get access to a broader pool of potential partners

You can increase your chances of meeting someone who shares your values and interests by expanding your dating pool outside your ideal location with international dating.

6. Establishing a solid, multiethnic relationship

Building a reliable, intercultural relationship can be accomplished through international dating. You can forge a close relationship built on respect and understanding by being familiar with and accepting your partner’s culture.

Practical advice on dating international women: Passport Bros Meaning

Practical advice on dating international women: Passport Bros Meaning

Below are some helpful tips to get started if you’re interested in dating ladies from other countries.

1. Do research

It is crucial to do your homework and educate yourself on the cultures and customs of the nations you’re interested in before; you start dating ladies from abroad. Doing this can prevent cultural faux pas and demonstrate to your possible mate that you want to know about their history.

2. Use online dating sites

 You can find international ladies looking for dates via online dating services and apps. You can use them to filter by region, age, and other interests. Reputable dating sites that specialize in international dating are plenty.

3. Be forthright and sincere.

Being open and truthful about your goals is crucial when dating someone from another nation. Ensure your possible partner knows you are looking for more than a hookup.

4. Embrace cultural differences

Respecting cultural differences is crucial while dating someone from a different nation. It may involve variations in gender roles, social expectations, and communication methods.

5. Acquire language skills

It can be advantageous to learn the language if you are serious about dating someone from another nation. It will facilitate conversation and demonstrate your willingness to make the necessary effort to establish a deeper connection with your companion.

6. Schedule trips and meetings

Planning visits and trips to see your spouse in person can help you avoid the difficulties of long-distance relationships. It might also be an excellent chance to visit their native nation and better understand their culture.

7. Show patience

Establishing a friendship with someone from another country takes time and care. Take your time with the process; be prepared to make an effort and communicate how you can connect to function.

Ten Vital Tools For International Dating: Passport Bros Meaning

While there are no definite ways to find the ideal spouse, American men can utilize many tools and techniques to improve their chances of discovering a feminine and submissive companion abroad. Here are five resources to think about:

Primary Tools

1. Worldwide dating services

The ideal place for American guys looking for feminine and submissive foreign companions is on international dating websites. These services make it simple for men to identify potential partners because they offer a vast database of women from many nations. Elena’s Models, International Cupid, and LoveMe are some of the top international dating sites. Men can filter their search on these websites using advanced search tools to suit their interests.

2. Social media channels

Among the social media platforms useful for international dating are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Guys might join groups devoted to international dating or use hashtags to look for ladies from various nations. Men can communicate with women through texting and video chatting on social media networks.

3. Tools for translation

The language barrier is one of the main obstacles to international dating. American guys who want to communicate with foreign women can use various translation software. One of the most widely used translation tools, Google Translate, provides instant translations for more than 100 languages. iTranslate and Microsoft Translator are two more well-liked translation programs.

4. Video chat tools

For men and women to speak face-to-face even when they are hundreds of miles apart, video chat solutions are crucial for international dating. High-quality video and audio chats are available through Skype, one of the most widely used video chat programs. Zoom, FaceTime, and WhatsApp are well-liked video chat applications.

5. Travel Accessory

A crucial phase of any relationship is traveling to meet your foreign spouse. American guys can plan their excursions and make the most of their travel experience by using various resources available for travel. The two most well-known travel resources, Expedia and, provide multiple options for flights, lodging, and activities.

Secondary Tools

1. Google Alerts

Google Alerts might be handy for American guys interested in overseas dating. People can set up alerts for specific terms associated with the nations or cultures they prefer. They can do this to stay current on news and events relevant to their interests.

2. Apps for learning foreign languages

Getting to know your international partner better and developing your communication abilities can be accomplished by learning a new language. Furthermore, you can adopt a new language quickly using applications like Duolingo, Babbel, and Rosetta Stone.

3. Online forums

American guys interested in international dating might find a lot of helpful information online. They can interact with people who share their interests and receive guidance from those who have gone through related situations. and are two of the most well-known international dating forums.

4. Email marketing tools

Men who want to advertise to women abroad can benefit from email marketing solutions like MailChimp and Constant Contact. Similarly, they can make a newsletter or a marketing email and distribute it to ladies who fit their criteria.

5. Relationship counseling

American guys who want to become better communicators and learn more about international dating may consider relationship coaching. International dating is a specialty of many relationship counselors who may provide specialized guidance and assistance.

Essential Factors Of International Dating: Passport Bros Meaning

The dedication and effort of both spouses are necessary for the ultimate success of international dating and marriage. Couples can create solid, enduring relationships that cross cultural boundaries by being open-minded, courteous, and willing to work through difficulties together. Several crucial elements can boost international dating and result in happy marriages. They consist of the following:

1. Mutual values

International couples should have common values regarding significant issues like family, commitment, and personal convictions, even though cultural differences can be fascinating and engaging.

2. Mutual respect and comprehension

 International dating partners must be eager to understand and appreciate one another’s cultures, traditions, and values to forge a good connection.

3. Open communication

Communication is necessary for any relationship, but it’s crucial in international dating because of the potential communication difficulties posed by linguistic and cultural limitations.

4. Consistency and diligence

Dating across borders may take much work, especially regarding logistics and distance. Firstly, successful people prepare themselves to be patient to overcome these obstacles and create a solid connection.

5. Flexibility and adaptability

Couples navigating various time zones, cultural conventions, and communication methods must be flexible and adaptable when dating internationally.

6. Comparable priorities and ambitions

Successful international couples frequently have similar interests and goals, whether focused on starting a family, pursuing a specific career path, or simply sharing a passion for travel and adventure.

5 Common Misconceptions About International Dating: Passport Bros Meaning

There are several widespread myths about international dating that you should need to debunk, including:

1. International dating is all about finding someone from an “exotic” culture

It is a typical misconception because meeting someone with whom you share beliefs, interests, and aspirations is what international dating is all about. Finding a suitable companion for you should be the primary objective of international dating, even while learning about other cultures is essential.

2. International dating is a scam

International dating does not necessarily involve scams, although there are some of them. Like any dating method, being cautious and alert to any warning signs is essential. You can minimize risk by investigating the dating site, requesting references or suggestions, and exercising caution when providing personal information.

3. International dating is only for people who can’t find a partner in their own country

It needs to be clarified. Finding a mate outside your country is one of many reasons to go on an international date. However, it does not matter where you are; it is about discovering others who share your beliefs, interests, and objectives and experiencing other cultures.

4. Sex tourism is the main factor in international dating

Again, it is a terrible idea about international dating that is wholly wrong. International dating does not aim to exploit people or cultures sexually. Establishing a sincere connection with someone while honoring their culture and traditions is more important.

5. International dating is too complicated 

International dating can be fulfilling even though sometimes it can present some difficulties. Several tools are available to simplify the process, including international dating sites, apps, and online forums. Success in international dating depends on patience, an open mind, and a willingness to learn.

Concluding Thoughts: Passport Bros Meaning

Since more men look for alternatives to American women and allure themselves to the feminine and submissive attributes they frequently find in women from foreign cultures, international dating has grown in popularity among American men in recent years. While cultural differences might present particular difficulties in these relationships, happy couples can forge strong, enduring bonds by accepting and respecting each other’s origins, compromising, and preparing to work through difficulties as a team.

 International dating has many advantages for those willing to plunge and immerse themselves in different cultures and experiences. There is no shortage of opportunity for those open to the possibilities, from the thrill of meeting new people and discovering new places to the potential for forming profound, meaningful connections with people worldwide.

Your interests and objectives will ultimately determine whether or not international dating is a good fit for you. However, international dating can provide a new and exciting route to love and pleasure for people seeking something different from what they have previously encountered. Whatever the case, make sure you have your Passport because without that you won’t be able to travel at at all!

Frequently asked questions: Passport Bros Meaning

1. What is international dating, and why is it becoming more popular among American men?

International dating refers to dating individuals from other countries. It is becoming more popular among American men because of the potential for cultural exchange, personal growth, and the possibility of finding a partner with similar values and interests.

2. What are some challenges of dating someone from another culture, and how can they be overcome?

Some challenges of dating someone from another culture include language barriers, differences in values and beliefs, and cultural norms. You can overcome these challenges by being patient, open-minded, and willing to learn about your partner’s culture.

3. What are the benefits of dating someone from another country, and how can they enrich your life?

The benefits of dating someone from another country include the potential for cultural exchange, personal growth, and finding a partner with similar values and interests. These experiences can enrich your life by providing new perspectives and opportunities for development.

4. How can American men meet potential partners from other countries, and what are some best practices for online dating?

American men can meet potential partners from other countries through online dating sites, social media, or travel. Best practices for online dating include using reputable sites, being cautious with personal information, and using video chat services to verify the identity of potential partners.

5. What are some of the cultural differences that American men should be aware of when dating someone from another country?

Cultural differences that American men should be aware of when dating someone from another country include differences in values, beliefs, and cultural norms. It’s critical to enter the relationship with an open mind and a desire to grow.

1. How can American men ensure their safety in international dating?

American men can ensure their safety when engaging in international dating by using reputable dating sites, being cautious with personal information, and using video chat services to verify the identity of potential partners.

2. Is it possible to build a successful and lasting relationship with someone from another country, and what are some keys to success?

Building a successful and lasting relationship with someone from another country is possible. Some keys to success include being patient, open-minded, and willing to learn about your partner’s culture, prioritizing communication, and building trust.

3. What advice do you have for preserving a distance relationship, and how can you keep the spark alive?

Some tips for maintaining a long-distance relationship include prioritizing communication, setting regular times to talk, and finding ways to stay connected, such as sharing photos or sending gifts. It is crucial to find ways to keep the relationship exciting and new, such as planning surprise visits or romantic dates to keep the romance alive.

4. How do cultural differences impact the dating process, and how can they be navigated successfully?

Cultural differences can impact the dating process by creating communication barriers and differences in expectations. You can navigate successfully by being respectful, open-minded, and actively learning about your partner’s culture and values.

5. How can dating internationally promote development on a personal level and a greater awareness of the global community?

By exposing individuals to new cultures, languages, and perspectives, personal development and a deeper comprehension of the world can result from international dating. It can provide opportunities for personal growth and an expanded worldview.

6. What countries do Passport Bros like to travel too?

The list of Passport Bros countries include, but not limited too: Colombia, Brazil, Thailand, Philippines, Dominican Republic as the main core. There are also other countries the Passport Bros Movement are exploring such as Costa Rica, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and alot more.

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