And the Lord said “God bless the Passport Bros, for they have avoided thy feminist American woman and achieved nirvana with foreign women, restoring the natural balance between feminine and masculine and leaving thy independent American woman in the dust. Amen.”

–Revelations: 3 Chapter 69


Q: What is a Passport Bro?

A: The Passport Bro can be described more as American men looking to find a wife/girlfriend in another country and either move there as an expat or frequently visit her in her foreign country.

Q: What is a Passport Playboy?

A: The Passport Playboy however, has no intention of moving to another country to find a wife or move any woman back to the United States. These men are strictly in a foreign country to have fun, meet women from different cultures, and live that Playboy lifestyle abroad.

Q: Do Passport Bros hate Black women?

A: The Passport Bro Movement rejects all feminist and so-called independent women no matter the race. Moms, grandmothers, sisters included. No woman is exempt.

Q: Are Passport Bros only Black men?

A: Any man who rejects the feminist and so-called independent mentality of the Westernized American woman can consider himself a “Passport Bro” as long as he is not too drunk on the cool-aid or can see his way out of the matrix.

Q: What is the “Matrix”

A: The “matrix” is the ideology that America is the only place in the world to find love or to find a woman. Some cultures, such as Islam allow you have multiple wives. Some cultures, like in Thailand, the women actually love to serve their man. Once you realize this and accept the blue pill, your life will never be the same.

Q: Are Passport Bros only interested in sex tourism?

A: If a man decides to participate in sex tourism in a country where it is legal, like Colombia for example, then that is that man’s right and as long as he pays the wage agreed upon and that woman is of legal age then who are we to judge that man? This is not the primary goal of the Passport Bro however, this behavior is more suitable for the Passport Playboy.

Q: Should you bring a foreign woman back to the US?

A: Absolutely not. Rule #1 is to leave that woman in her foreign country if you want her to be true to her cultural upbringing and not be tainted by the ways of thy feminist American woman.